The Walking Tour

The walking tour around the Coke Ovens Park offers the visitor an opportunity to spend some time walking through the quiet woods discovering the ruins of a once great industrial complex.

Directions: Please click on any highlighted number to see a photo. To return to the same spot you left, use Back Button on your browser. Below this sketch is a reference key.

sketch by Carson Camp
1. Visitor Register Booth and Mine Car
2. Dunlap Depot Replica
3. Dewayne Dixon Memory Shelter
4. Original site of Company Store
5. Location of Main Rail Line and Donated Caboose
6. Cement Bags - were originally in cloth bags
7. Coke Ovens built in 1916 - these were the last to be constructed
8. Excavated Ovens - through to Amphitheater Stage
9. Gap between Ovens
10. Loading wharf and Railroad Bed
11. East End of Ovens and Loading Wharf
12. Rail recovered from Railroad Bed
13. Amphitheater
14. Firebrick Arch for Oven
15. 1902 Coke Ovens - first to be constructed
16. Tipple and 1906 Coal Washer Ruins
17. 1906 Ovens - excavated
18. Location of Railroad - three tracks
19. Oven Archways on both sides - 1906
20. Firebrick Arch - west end
21. Melted Fire Brick Domes
22.Mine Replica
23. Early Mine Equipment
24. Company Mule Barn location
25. Flower Garden and Flag Pole
26. Cold Springs and Cook Creek
27. Juanita Wooden Donated Shelter
28. Park Restroom
29. Park Entrance Sign
30. Trail to Water Tank Site and Miners' homes
31. Path to Tank Concrete Pad
32. 3900 foot Incline Path to the Top

Sketch by Carson Camp